Tuesday, July 3, 2007


I'm reading Simply Christian, by NT Wright, and in this last chapter he talks about the name of God. I've always been fascinated with how sacred the Israelites took the name of God. So much so that they wouldn't pronounce it but once a year by the High Priest, and that they developed alternate words 'adonai' and 'Jehovah' as a substitute. Part of me wonders how they could manage to take it so seriously. Perhaps because of the relaxed culture in which I find myself, taking anything that seriously seems like a lot of work. Also, my postmodern radar raises a red flag of 'legalism.'

But as I think about why I am fascinated with it, I have to admit that it disturbs my soul that I do not regard His name that way. It's disturbing because that concept and attitude seems so other. This whole discussion also taps into some of what I do not like about where church culture is going. The sacredness of our faith does not seem to come across often times. Even this past Sunday when we received communion, the sacredness of the sacrament itself did not come across. I often times glance over how sacred communion is.

For sure through Jesus we have obtained access to the Father at all times, and through the Holy Spirit we have continual fellowship and intimacy with God. I get that churches often times want to represent how available God is to them. However, something definitely seems to be amiss--this access, although free and available to all, is not common. It seems like many make that connection between free and available, to common. Jesus is not common. Communion is not common. God's word is not common. I wish that the preciousness of Christ would be communicated and represented more.

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