Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Picking People

I recently have had a few instances this week where 'picking' someone came up. At home, I half-joked that Theia was my favorite daughter. At work, I half-joked about certain people being 'better' than others. I write 'half joked' because in some ways it's true, and in other ways it's not. It seems that the problem is that many people, although they would outwardly say selection, playing favorites, insert your word here, is unfair and wrong. Yet most of those very people live according to the principle. Why is it so hard to get students to intentionally seek out new students at meetings and get to know them? Why do people chose to do the same things, at the same time, with the same people, every week, for years sometimes? Because they have decided on some level that a person or persons are 'better' than others. 

Especially in ministry, the 'answer' for me as to why selection, or playing favorites to some degree is not wrong, and in many cases healthy, comes down to stewardship. God has entrusted and blessed Chico CRU with resources--primarily people to be a part of fulfilling CCC's call. The ministry of Campus Crusade was borne out of the desire to steward precious resources--college students--for Jesus' glory. Bill Bright saw college students as the best pool of people that could fulfill the Great Commission fastest. He committed his life to redeeming and investing in those that could make the biggest difference. 

More thoughts on this but seems like a time to shut it down for the night. 

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