Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Don't Be a Loser...

'The big losers are...organizations with significant corporate inertia and low thresholds for perceived risks.'

This is from Seth Godin's book Purple Cow. He talks about it in reference to consumer brand giants like Yamaha and Budweiser, but it very much applies to Campus Crusade as well.

This is connected to my previous post, and as I continue to think and seek to be a part of redemptive change in my organization, I'm realizing that I'm passionate about 2 things in particular...

Raising up apostolic leaders

Raising our organizational ability to make adaptive changes in light of an ever-changing ministry context

Big is not's big and SLOW that's the problem. I think we as an organization are afraid of losing, and afraid of making mistakes. As a result, we often plod along using the past as our guideline, while the future rarely gets a look. 

I would love to see our national leaders model risk and creativity. I would love to hear stories of them trying something new, both in their personal lives and in their areas of responsibility. 

It would even be great at our regional times together to have a 'failure' spotlight, where we get to hear from campuses or people that took a big risk and 'failed.' I wonder how freeing it would be for staff to hear and be affirmed that it's okay and even valuable to try things that fail. I fear that frogs would fall out of the sky if that were to happen though :)

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