Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Have you found a great online resource for ministry?

Last week, I spent 2 hours surfing the internet for Christian online resources--bible studies, articles that could be used for discipleship, etc. It was disheartening to see that most were either outdated, costly, and pretty much irrelevant for day to day ministry. 

It seems to me like one of the most encouraging things we could do for each others as campus ministers is offer our content free to each other. Imagine the hours we could save from not having to prepare a bible study that someone else already has, and instead invest that time in expanding the kingdom--sharing our faith more, raising more money, developing our key leaders, etc...

Campus Crusade has made a great stride forward in our campus wiki, but it's only open to staff. I say we take it to the streets and develop an online platform that would dramatically accelerate people's effectiveness in leading others for Jesus. 


With that said, do you have any great online sites that you regularly visit for content? PLEASE let me know!


Beav said...

I've got a link, I'll sell it to you for $9.95 :)

Brian said...

I seriously think you do. Take down the man! Post it for free!!!!

Ricardo said...

Check out
it is one of my new sweet resources. It has plenty of devotionals as well as a lot of historical resources such as Complete works of Josephus, Complete works of Arminius, Creeds, Luthers 95 theses. It includes several different versions of the Bible. This however is a program rather than a website. But the best part about it, is that it is free, and an excellent resource.

~Ricardo Cardona

Brian said...

Thanks Ricardo. I actually purchased Accordance, which is a great Mac-based program.

We have tons (literally) of resources in the Crusade world, but no centralized place to find and access them. As a result, people spend time working on something that someone else has already come up with, yet they never know!

Thanks for the link though. It's great to see that you are seeking your own development!