Friday, March 14, 2008

Touch-ability in Campus Crusade

The impetus for this post goes back 2 years ago, to a National Conference for Campus Directors. During on of the meetings, a speaker mentioned that Campus Crusade's values had changed. It was literally mentioned, elaborated upon for just a couple minutes (I'm not kidding), and then the speaker moved on to something else. 

I looked around and it didn't seem like anyone else was as shocked as me. How can you 'change' Campus Crusade's values without consulting the very people who live out and show students, faculty, supporters, these things?

I have noticed that there is a tremendous touchability gap between our national leaders and those on the field. Sweeping organizational changes are often unfolded through email. Major leadership changes the same way. I understand that due to our size and scope there is no way to communicate this face to face. However, I believe that our national leaders can do a better job closing the touchability gap.

Here are a couple of suggestions...
1) Start a blog. Email the entire staff community and let us know. Blog about anything, but keep it real--no political statements, no posturing. You have no idea how much this might help. 

2)Record a 2-5 minute clip of important announcements on video and post it on YouTube. Seeing someone's face and hearing their voice is great. 

3)Buy a Mac (if you don't have one) to make 1 & 2 happen a lot easier. Built in i-sight cameras and integrated programs grease the online wheels. 

4)Share or give away resources...I know Crusade has amazing connections with all kinds of spiritual leaders. Work out a deal to give away an online copy of a book, or a free giftings or strength test, or something. We have too much leverage in this area to hoard or not share it at all. 

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