Sunday, April 6, 2008

Do you care what I think?

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Your input is very important to us and will help us as we together go after reaching the students and faculty of the world.

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This is the page that displayed when I commented on an online video from one of our Campus Crusade leaders. 

Here's what disappointed me about the page...

1)It did not display my comment or anyone else's for that matter. What's the point in commenting on something that isn't displayed? Wouldn't someone who takes the time to comment like to see what other people said? 

2)Who is 'us'? The page does not tell me who my comment is being forwarded to. It could be forwarded to someone who may or may not have any influence in our organization. 

3)How will it help 'us'? It would help me to know that my comments are at least being sent to someone that wants to dialogue about the video in question. If anything it has done more harm than good. I don't feel listened to, and it seems like the creator of the page is afraid of comments, since they are unwilling to show them to the public or inform me where they are being sent. 

One of the things I would love to hear from our leaders is candor and freedom. This video page communicates neither. 

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