Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Wisdom From An Unlikely Place...

I have really enjoyed Kottke's website. It has a diverse blend of intellectually stimulating articles, videos, etc, that are great for passing time in between things.

As I was reading an article that he linked to, I stumbled upon this great this great quote from Norman Mailer, the author.

Here's what he says...

Mailer welcomed Frey into the elite circle of bad boys. “For 40 years they stomped on me. Now you have the privilege of being stomped on for the next 40 years.” And he compared them both to boxers. “Every fight, boxers prepare to take their opponent’s best shot. You should prepare to take huge shots every time out because they’ll never stop The work has been controversial enough that you’re never going to be like one of the guys. You’re never going to be one of the ones that the newspapers love or that wins awards. [You’re] always going to take a beating publicly. And that’s endurable if you just focus on what matters, which is the work.”

As a person that loves and lives for change, this quote resonated deeply with me. It was not just the analogy of the boxer, but the focus on the work. The work is worthy enough to take a lifetime of beatings is how I would rephrase what he is saying.

For me, it's not books or writing that is the work, but Jesus and his glory. He causes me to continue to push transformation and change. He is worth a lifetime of being misunderstood, frustrated, held down, marginalized, and even attacked. Because for me as I authentically encounter Christ, I know that things cannot stay as they are. 

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