Saturday, June 9, 2007

No such thing as 'inner' transformation

This has been a pretty amazing year for Aubrey and I. Since January, God has been doing some significant things in our hearts, changing our hearts towards things that up until this time have been either blocked or hindered by our own stubborness of heart. These sort of changes have manifested themselves in some really cool ways: in January we were released from our cell-phone contract with Nextel-not that big of news on the surface, unless you consider how we hardly got reception at our house, how frustrated and defeated Aubrey felt trying to connect with friends and family in Ohio, camping out in the one place in the house that her phone actually had a signal--for the 6 weeks before we cancelled our contract, her phone actually did not get a signal. Another very cool thing happened just this week--we cashed in our rewards points from our credit card and were able to purchase 2 new pieces of furniture--in the process of rearranging our living room, it became clear that the TV needed to be moved to a new wall, thus changing the focus of the living from the TV to now couches and chairs facing each other, i.e. people. This was so cool to me because I have been such at TV kid, which translated into being a TV adult, and to think that this new furniture surfaced a change of heart within both Aubrey and I--a release from TV--and a new focus towards people that has come gradually and painfully as Jesus has seeped into the deepest recesses of our soul, is rad!

Connecting all of this to the title of the blog, it seems like true transformation is 3 dimensional. These deep things that God has been doing in our hearts are spilling out all over into life. The 'streams of living water' that Jesus talked about are truly streams--not little creeks, or small cracks that filter water meagerly, but full blown streams that usher the Spirit into the whole of our existence.

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