Thursday, August 16, 2007

A Really Great Question

Today during staff planning, we were discussing how much energy and resources we should commit as a movement to the present and the future. One of our staff asked this question: "How do you determine how much to invest in the present versus the future?" This question prompted a really great discussion of movement building philosophy and strategy. Also, as we examined Crusade culture organizationally, we see that much is invested in the present--maintaining the current situation. It seems that overall we as an organization could invest more resources in the future, particularly in ministry contexts that have thriving and healthy movements. As a team we also saw how important a strong main movement is to not only launching but sustaining healthy ethnic student movements. Particularly as we looked at the success of Davis and UCLA, we saw that their strong main movement was a key and crucial factor to their ability to build healthy ethnic movements.

Especially in light of our mission, vision, and values, we are about kingdom expansion. Spending the time to think through how to best use the amazing resources God gives us is definitely a worthwhile venture.

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