Sunday, September 2, 2007

Responding to Change...

It's the start of our second week on campus, and there are already so many adjustments that our team needs to make in light of what God is doing. There was a sense that God was about to take our movement to a place beyond our control, and force us to trust Him for the winning and gathering of many more people than we have ever had. Last year, ministry was energizing and managable...this year ministry is energizing but slightly unmanagable. It's been kind of a let down for me to not be so involved on the ground floor of gathering students. Our sophmores are doing a much better job than me, and my role has been to make sure no one gets left behind as we make our big push. My personal significance has definitely taken a hit this year as a result of succesfully mobilizing our student leaders...funny how apostolic leadership is not at all about building my reputation. I sense that God really wants to do something different here at Chico--the pastoral model of ministry that many Campus Crusade movements build off of doesn't seem to be able to effectively engage the mission, vision, and values of CCC here at Chico. I have no idea what it will look like, but I do know things that I want to be true of us...a strong culture of evangelism and spiritual multiplication, a deep dependence on the Holy Spirit, disciplined and surrendered prayer, a movement that lives and breathes eternal perspective. If we can build in light of those things, then I will be able to have a clear conscience about my leadership.

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