Monday, October 1, 2007

Spiritual Principles...

For the longest time in my study of the bible, I have been stuck in Romans 7. I get that entire chapter very much--both experientially and doctrinally. I just began my study of Romans 8--both literally and figuratively as it relates to my spiritual journey. For so long I have dwelled on the principle of the flesh, working itself out in my members in spite of the noble and godly desires of the inner man. Sadly and excitedly, I realized that there was a complement to the principle of the flesh--the principle of the working of the Holy Spirit. Probably because the principle of the flesh is so negative, I had given it priority over the principle of the Spirit. However, now looking back on my spiritual journey so far, the principle of the Spirit is not only more prominent but also more powerful in my life. I can honestly saw that the Spirit has worked in such a way that Jesus has continued to get more and more glory in my life. I have certainly done some hard work, made some courageous decisions, but those were secondary to the tremendous will and power of the Spirit to transform my life for Christ's sake.

This year has been pretty amazing for a variety of reason, but perhaps the overall one would be that it just seems like God wants to do something new in me, deep down. I really sense that he has graciously and mercifully released me from some pretty deep areas of spiritual bondage, to serve in a new way, in the newness of the Spirit. What's ironic about this newness is how enslaved I feel--not to the flesh but to Jesus. I understand my bondage and identity to Jesus is so much more than I ever imagined, and yet in realizing this I experience so much more freedom to live.

As the anxiety of having twins, selling cars, leading a ministry, dealing gently with really weird people, and raising a son, all soak in at various times, I can confidently rest in the will and power of the Holy Spirit to work radically--not because I'm special or even doing the right things, but because He is so committed to seeing Christ glorified.

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