Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Belonging to Christ...

I continue to be humbled by the way Paul talks about our relationship to Jesus as believers. So much of this year so far for me has been growing in my understanding of being completely enslaved and identified by and through Christ. For so long I have functioned out of a perceived freedom from not only Satan, sin, and death, but also Christ. I have falsely believed that I am separate from everything, and not bonded to anything save what I choose. Romans 8:7-11 shatters this false belief. Piper talks about Christ in our life in light of purchase and habitation. He not only purchased and owns my life as a result of his life, death, and resurrection, but also inhabits my life through the Holy Spirit--he has influence in the present sense, and ownership in the aorist sense--once and for all. This biblical reality has started to re-shape my perception and ministry philosophy, as well as how I go about ministering. Personally, I continue to be humbled by the reality that my life, and in ministry, my time, is not my own--we just did a time management development time which brought again to my mind the enormous stewardship that I have been given as a campus minister. In regards to how I minister to others, particularly believers, even more particularly divisive believers, I am humbled by the thought that they too, just like me, do not see themselves enslaved to Christ. Much of the rebelliousness I observe in students comes out of this belief that they are in control of their lives, and are the best determinant of how things should not only go for them, but for everyone else. No wonder it's so rare that people actually change and repent from behavior--their repentance often times isn't true repentance, but superficial or half-hearted sorrow for not getting what they think they and God want for them.

Back to my own life, and particularly where I find myself right now on my spiritual journey, it's hard for me to accept Christ being there all the time. Especially now, when I feel so out of control, and scared, and full of doubt, I don't want Christ to see me that way. I falsely think that he wants to be there only in the good times, and doesn't delight and enjoy caring for me in times of extended weakness.

I am desperate for the reality of Romans 8 to permeate my soul. I need to be transformed by this reality in so many ways, and in so many different areas.

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