Sunday, October 28, 2007

Stay on Target...

I am still in the middle of Romans 8, and grinding on the verses that reference suffering and glory, the present life and the one to come. It struck me as I was reading it that the Lord has intentionally been leading me in this area since I have joined staff, but definitely for my whole life. I have never been about wasting time, energy, or talent on anything except which is of most importance. My definition of what is important has certainly changed and been shaped, but the value has been there for as long as I can remember.

I know that part of this really difficult time that we are going through now is connected to what the Lord has been doing in this area. Even this summer, the many different books that I read all had an undercurrent of stewardship, and the things that I liked the most about each of the book were also connected to this. Although the movement here at Chico is going well, and Aubrey and I have continued to grow as a couple, I sense that these present difficulties are preparing us to really invest in something coming up in the next couple years. Especially as the Lord has given me glimpses of my future calling and provided experiences and circumstances that I can tell will be a part of my future, it seems that I am in a season of preparation.

I'm so thankful for this small window of time today to be able to process and spend time with the Lord. There has been so much chaos and just basic hardship going on, that I have not experienced a time of enjoyment like this with the Lord in a while.

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