Thursday, January 31, 2008

Leveraging Size and Scale

Today our staff team discussed the first chapter of Wikinomics. One of the points that stood out was how necessary it is to leverage the size and scale of an organization in order to maximize production.

It was really distressing to think about how little we are able to leverage the size and scale of our organization. From planning bible studies to running a conference, so many staff have so much wisdom, experience, and resources that would greatly enhance our organization if shared on a massive scale. Until then, staff all across the country continue to 'reinvent the wheel,' spending time and energy on things that hundreds have spent time and energy on before. If we added up those hours, and were able to reinvest those hours into expanding our organization, I wonder what our influence would look like. 

It's great that our organization just came up with a Wiki. Hopefully it will be the platform that will facilitate this type of sharing. 

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