Saturday, February 2, 2008

Perhaps My Favorite Leadership Quote Yet...


When I read this quote in the book Small Is The New Big will become , I was so refreshed and energized. Especially in full-time ministry, working with students, and for that matter students with a variety of backgrounds and vastly different values, ideas, etc. Sometimes I work 80 hours in a week; sometimes I work 20. I would say on average both types of weeks have their meaning and are equally productive. 

It's such a challenge to lead proactively, focused, and future-orientated. The tendency is to be reactionary, passive, and present-focused. Especially for leaders above me in my organization, who were heavily influenced by the industrial-era work ethic, working 20 hours a week is almost considered heresy. 

What would happen if we worked only 20 hours a week, and had to spend at least 80 percent of that time on issues that were important but not urgent? I believe we would see our organization not only grow in size but in quality, focus, leadership, and integrity. 

What does your work week typically look like? How many hours of it are focused on the future, and are things that you and only you can do?

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Beav said...

20 hours? Sign me up man! That's what I'm talking about.

On a serious note, what I like about the 20 hour thing is that by placing such a limitation on your work week it forces you to attend to the priorities and what's most important. It might help people get away from the self-driven attitudes of "working enough" so they don't have to feel guilty.

I like your train of thought here. If people focused more on the future as opposed to their own fear of failure and lingering guilt and shame about not meeting conventional expectations, I wonder what kind of results would then be possible.