Thursday, February 7, 2008

Time Well Spent

Our staff team talked about our schedules and the challenges we face with the idea of work. Since many times there is no 'productive' difference between 80 hours of work and 20 hours of work, we have all been forced to examine what it means to 'work hard.'

I honestly think that a week of 'hard work' would be somewhere around 20-30 hours of work, but 80-90% of that time being spent on tasks that are more about the future than the present, and require more faith than skill or effort. If myself and our staff team could somehow 'work hard' like this, I seriously could see our campus, city, and world significantly transformed within 5 years. 

Why do we think that hours are the best determinant of how 'hard' we worked? Is time spent on something enough, or is it how you spend your time that is most important. 

40-50 hours of 'easy work' make us feel a lot better about ourselves than 20 hours of 'hard work' do, and cost us much less. 

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