Tuesday, April 22, 2008

2000 Miles...

I had a great time this weekend with family in Monterey. My parents joined Aubrey, Mase, the twins, and I, and we had so much fun swimming in the hotel pool, going to the Aquarium, and hanging out together.

My 100 mile bike ride started early Sunday morning, 7 am. It was by far the most challenging ride I've had up to this point; there was a significant breeze, steep climbs, and I spent the better part of 6 hours cold.

The best part of the ride was eclipsing the 2,000 mile mark on my bike. I started counting late August of last year, and it was so encouraging to see the progress I have made. It's not the distance that's rewarding--it's the amount of stress reduced, the amount of fitness gained, and the amount of think-time enhanced by riding 2,000 miles. Being introverted and cerebral AND working with people all the time is a real challenge. Time on the bike has helped keep me fresh and focused throughout the year.

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