Saturday, April 12, 2008

100 Miles...

This weekend my family and I are heading out to Monterey. On Sunday, I will be setting out to complete my second century bike ride. I love all the aspects of a 100 mile bike ride; the endurance, the mental focus part, the great sense of accomplishment that comes from finishing, the energy of cycling with lots of other people, and the pit stops. Unlike marathons, century rides have amazing rest stops full of energy drinks, carb stuff (muffins, breads, etc), and fruit. They make the 6 hours spent on the bike worth it.

I'm hoping to complete the race in 30 minutes less time than last year, but my ultimate goal is to have fun, soak in the scenery, eat well, and finish. And take a lot of pictures.

Also during the race I will eclipse the 2,000 mile mark on my bike for this year! That is so crazy to think about, but all those miles are the place where I pour out and leave all the stress of life. More updates next week.

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