Friday, May 16, 2008

Blog-Ference Day 5--What Did You Think?

It's the final day of the blogference, and I wanted to leave by inviting you to share your thoughts.

I'm really curious what you thought about the content, the format, the discussion, and anything else. 

I'm so excited to see how we as an organization can leverage our size and scale in new ways through online platforms such as these. It's amazing to think that we can honestly dialogue with staff all over the world through something so basic as a blog. 

Outside of being challenged by the content, I hope that this has given you a positive taste of blogs, that will hopefully inspire you to either begin one yourself, or follow a couple more frequently.

As I mentioned in the Facebook message, we will be launching a blog where the hosts can share posts related to the theme of Leading Change after the blogference ends. I'm hoping to host another blogference in 3-6 months to continue to spur on the online conversation. 

Thanks again for participating. Please share your comments!


Ken said...

I think it was awesome, good job Brian, way to pull this off. I mean it gets me thinking more than anything else we have done for training over my past 12 years to be honest. So yeah, I would say for what it is intended the only way to make it better would maybe get more people involved, have a more focused environment, and use more resources so we do not have to really just on our opinions (i.e. more scripture and other thinkers points of view).

I think where we go from here is quite important on a lot of levels, and I have been a part of a lot of things, but it seems that stuff never happens quick enough or seen through enough.

We have to give up some thing sin order to move forward in the ways we really want to. That is the main barrier. Giving up staff from a summer assignment for example to spend resources and efforts really doing this.

I mean we have an R&D team and they are great, but not being on the field I am sure hinders, and having many more minds would than they have working would be great.

So I think this has been great in that sense of inviting anyone in, having good discussion, and not taking us out of context at the same time.

Brilliant my friend! Lets hope it goes somewhere!

DJ said...

Dude, it was awesome Brian. I never thought I would learn as much as I did through it, and it really was beneficial on so many levels.

I think Ken is right, we gotta get more people involved in the future. Maybe get it announced at Regional in the fall.

But it would be interesting to have some staff released to have think tank time and changes to come out as a result. I feel particularly with the EV stuff this needs to happen. Maybe we should pursue something. Hmmm

Re√ said...


Thanks for making this Blogference happen. I learned a lot from from this.

If you can find a way to get each blog to play off each-other it would make for a better next blogference experience.

for example, if you all put up a box on your sidbars of a combined feed reader of every blogger in the conference then you will be able to see and up-the-minute-update of what everyone in the blogference is saying from whatever blog you are visiting at that time. That way you have easy access point to all of the other blogference post.

You guys did a great job at sticking to a specific theme or issue and building on it one post at a time. The more you can put them together and make them specific and to the point then your next blogference will feel a lot more like one big conference rather than a blog confederacy.

I truly enjoyed this, great job.

Brian said...

Thanks for the feedback. I will definitely think through ways we can make the topics seem more integrated.

The combined feedreader is a great idea. I would definitely want to incorporate that into the next one.

Glad you participated. It was great to have a couple non-CCC voices in the mix.