Saturday, May 17, 2008

Reflecting on the Blogference

I'm still mulling over what I learned/liked/etc about the blogference. Here's what I have so far:

  • The platform, or means, of communication is extremely important. Even if it's great content, but in a platform that hinders communication, the content does not get appreciated. I really liked how easy and non-committal the blogference platform was. Many people were able to casually observe the conference without having to fully commit. 
  • So often we focus on the results part of what we do, which is great. But often we neglect to enjoy the process of what we do. I was really pleased to think about what kinds of discussions and thoughts people had as they read the various posts and comments. Personally, I have seen how valuable it is to observe and learn how other people think; it always sharpens my own thought processes. 
  • Blogging forces me to communicate honestly and succinctly. Wow, if I could be known as a person who communicates like that all the time, that would be amazing. I've noticed in my daily interactions a desire to be more of both. That's cool!
I know there's more, but the most exciting thing for me was knowing that learning and thinking were taking place about the faith/future paradigm. Hopefully as we all spur each other on to lead others in this manner, we will see significant and meaningful transformation happen all around us. 

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